How I got Google Adsense in Pakistan within 4 Days

Get Google Adsense in Pakistan

Getting Google Adsense in Pakistan is not easy now a days. It takes time and hard work for approval. Google’s policy for Asian countries including Pakistan, India and China is strict.

 Adsense in Pakistan

Why Pakistani Adsense Accounts are getting Disapproved and Banned


There was a time when Adsense accounts in Pakistan were easily approved. Today some scammers made Google Adsense a business in Pakistan. They make a wordpress site; put some contents on blog then after getting adsense they sell it. Google caught these scammers and thousands of Pakistani Adsense accounts are banned permanently. Today Adsense accounts from Pakistan, India and Asian countries are not approved easily. But these scammers found another way they are approving Adsense accounts from US, UK and other European countries and sell it to new amateur bloggers. After few months these sold accounts are again banned by Google. So i would suggest you never buy Adsense account from any one.

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Why Adsense Disapproved my Application 5 Times?

Now I will tell you why Google disapproved my account for 5 times. Remember there is no such thing called tricks in getting approved from Adsense just follow Google Policies. I did a lot of mistakes in past because I have not read Google policies carefully before applying Adsense and I did not work seriously on my site. I had just created a site for experiment then I heard about Adsense and applied but disapproved. 5 months ago I joined a Pakistani SEO and Blogger group on Facebook. I learned lot of new things from famous Pakistani bloggers and SEO experts. Then I worked for 5 months. During these months I learned lot of new things.

Here is the reason of my Adsense rejection:

  1. Some copy pasted contents.
  2. Using copyrights protected images.
  3. Thin posts means less than 500 words posts.
  4. Bad website design.

The reason I got approved from Adsense

As I said earlier there are no such tricks for Adsense approval. You need to be original, patient, and consistent. Original means you should prove that you are not scammer. Write informative long posts of 500+ words. 5 months ago I removed all contents from my site and started from zero, wrote 22 posts of 500+ words. Then optimized site for search engines. I applied few weeks ago but disapproved again. This time I had placed adsense approval code in wrong place on wordpress. After few days I applied again and placed Adsense code in wordpress header. Finally I got Adsense accounts in just 4 days. Here is the reason I got approved from Adsense:

  • Original content on site.
  • Removal of copy right protected images.
  • Writing lengthy posts of 500+ words.
  • Premium theme and designing user friendly navigation.


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