What is Blockchain Technology , Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

What is Blockchain

What is Blockchain Technology Blockchain technology is a decentralized technology. Different global network of computers use blockchain technology to jointly manage the database systems that records cryptocurrency transactions. What is Cryptocurrency A cryptocurrency is a digital currency based on blockchain technology. Currently there are more than hundred cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, …

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Top 5 Problems Facing Startups Today

Startup Problems

Problems Facing Startups Today Startups are emerging everywhere these days. Today, startups area flooding the entire marketplace and everywhere, students are even advised in schools and other educational institutions not to look forward to graduating and eventually looking for a job, but rather to work as much as possible while …

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Online Earning – A New Business Dimension

Online Earning Business

In the modern technological age, people are showing a serious approach towards adopting online earning as business so as to use their spare time and energy for making some extra money, and this trend is continuously growing. With the dawn of technology, people started thinking about the possible means to …

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How to upgrade PHP in Xampp for Windows?

Running PHP program using XAMPP

1) Backup your htdocs folder 2) export your databases (follow this tutorial) 3) uninstall xampp 4) install the new version of xampp 5) replace the htdocs folder that you have backed up 6) Import your databases you had exported before

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How to Add JSON Data into WooCommerce WordPress Database from API


Add products from REST API to WooCommerce, update WordPress database WooCommerce tables with php code Here I have used github countries api to test. In this php code countries name and code is inserted directly into WooCommerce products  into WordPress database. <?php /* Template Name: awsapi */   $sl =file_get_contents(‘https://gist.github.com/keeguon/2310008 …

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