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How to Increase Your Computer Speed and Performance

Increase Your Computer Speed

So you were looking for how to increase your computer speed. Your PC is too slow. You have bought expensive laptop but still you have speed issue. If this is your problem then you have come to right place. Follow given steps and improve your windows 7 computer speed by simple techniques.
It is possible you can increase your computer speed.

Steps to Increase your Computer Speed

  1. First Click Start on left side of your screen.
  2.  Type running.
  3. Then Click “View Running Processing and Task Bar”.
  4. It will open a Task Manager Window.
  5. Click processes.
  6. In this window you can see how much memory is being used by different applications that are running on your computer.
  7. Click Processes.
  8. End all unnecessary programs that are running on your PC.

Increase Your Computer Speed 

Actually your installed applications are running in background in task manager. Sometimes some hidden applications also run in background and it will slow your computer’s performance. But you cannot close windows processes. So only end unnecessary processes.Sometimes you close an application but it still runs in background and it takes uses a lot of memory. Check CPU usage at the end. If it is below 30% then your PC will run faster.

End processes which you are not currently using. This will stop utilizing memory.

This is not just a theoretical technique. We have experimented this on our own office PC on which Windows 7 is installed.We have successfully increased our PC speed. Try this method and let us know.


Check for viruses. Viruses also run in background and can slow your PC. You can check if you have installed these applications or not. If only those applications are running which you have installed then your PC is safe.

If you have any questions feel free ask. Comment below, We will answer you. Also share this article with your friends and family.


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