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How To Install Laravel Framework on Your Computer

Install Laravel 5 on Your Computer using XAMPP

Laravel is an open source and free PHP framework. Laravel is intended to develop web applications using MVC pattern. Laravel is created by Taylor Otwell . Laravel is one of the most popular PHP framework as of March 2015. Other PHP frameworks are : CodeIgniter, Symfony and Yii2.

First of all you need to install Composer. Download composer by clicking this here. Then follow the given steps. Composer is a free software.

Step 1

Click start on left side of your PC then type cmd. It will open command prompt. Type path of your xampp folder. In my case xampp is installed in C folder so the path is C:\xampp.  Type cd C:\xampp\htdocs . This will open htdocs folder in command prompt.  Now write a command to download and install laravel on local machine.

install laravel
Install laravel step 1

Step 2

Now type composer create laravel/laravel Test_Laravel. It will start downloading and installing laravel files. By default it downloads the latest version of Laravel. You can check laravel folder in xampp/htdocs directory. It takes few minutes to download and install laravel because it has some files.

install laravel framework
Command to install laravel framework

Step 3

After downloading laravel you can check if it is installed or not. To start laravel type “php artisan serve” in command prompt.


install laravel
Start laravel Command

Step 4

Now open your browser and type localhost:8000. Congratulation!  You have successfully installed laravel on your system.

install laravel using xampp
laravel is successfully running

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