Install WordPress on localhost using XAMPP Step By Step Tutorial

Install WordPress on localhost using XAMPP Step By Step Tutorial

June 6, 2016 0 By Abid

WordPress is most popular blogging platform in the world. Any one can create beautifully designed web sites by using themes. But a lot of people install and customize themes directly on server. Sometimes they face problems like white screen death during customization. So how to overcome these problems? and how we can customize themes on local host. Yes you can install WordPress on local host and can do whatever you want.  You don’t need to wait for saving and loading during customization because its on local server.  If you have not bought domain name and hosting and want to learn WordPress then its a golden opportunity for you to learn WordPress locally. You don’t need a domain name and server. You can freely use it on your local server.  Many professional web developers  install WordPress on local host to test their developed themes and plugins. An average user can  install themes on local host to test and modify it. After customization you can upload themes on You can also check themes functionality before uploading and applying it on Before installing WordPress on local host you must have installed XAMPP. If you have not installed XAMPP then first Install XAMPP . After installing XAMPP you can install WordPress on local host.  Follow the given steps :

Step 1

Download latest version of WordPress. Click here to download .  After downloading unzip it. Now go to C/xampp/htdocs and create a new folder. Copy WordPress files and paste into new folder.

intstall wordpress on local host

Step 2

Now go to web browser and type http://localhost/phpmyadmin/. Dashboard of php my admin will open. Create a new database and save it. Here I have created a database namely wordpress.

how to install wordpress local host

Step 3

Go to C/xampp/htdocs/wordpress where you have copied wordpress files. Open wordpress folder and edit “wp-config-sample.php“.  Find ‘database_name_here’  ‘username_here ‘ and ‘password_here.

intstall wordpress on local host wordpress installing on local host XAMPP

Replace database name with the name of database you just created in phpmyadmin. As we have named database “wordpress” so I will write wordpress. The default user name for database is “root” and password is not set so don’t write any thing in password field.  As given in the picture below. Now rename file to ‘wp-config.php’ and save it.

ihow to install wordpress on local host by using XAMP

Step 4

Open browser and enter http://localhost/wordpress . Now enter site title , user name , password and your email. Click install WordPress button. Now WordPress installation will start. Select language and click Continue.

Wordpress Installation on local machine

wordpress local host

You have successfully installed WordPress on your local host. Now you can login to WordPress dashboard. You can upload and install themes, plugins and widgets. A best practice for a WordPress developer is to customize themes on local host.