How to Make Money on Facebook With Audience Network

How to Make Money on Facebook With Audience Network

November 26, 2017 1 By Abid

Make Money on Facebook

Are you wasting your time by using Facebook? Would you like to use Facebook to make money ? Why not to use Facebook productively. The Good news is that, yes you can make money on Facebook. Facebook has enabled monetization for all. There are many ways to earn money with Facebook. In this article you will learn to make money with Facebook Audience Network. Make Money on Facebook

What is Facebook Audience Network and how it works?

Facebook Audience Network is a type of advertising network that enables publishers to monetize mobile sites for their audience.Currently the Network supports custom native units for display and video, as well as standard interstitial and banner formats. In order to make money with Audience Network follow the given steps:

Create an awesome Facebook page

First you have to create a Facebook page. Page later will be used to connect with your website.

Get likes by sharing awesome contents.

If you have a page on Facebook then get likes by sharing awesome and amazing contents. Or boost your posts to get more likes and followers. Engage your audience on page. Increase likes by engaging users. There are many ways to increase likes. You can get likes by posting awesome contents regularly.

Now Buy a Domain and Hosting

If you owns a website then start connecting site with Audience network. If you don’t have website then buy a domain and hosting. Install WordPress on your server. Then start writing awesome contents.

Create an app on Facebook

If you already own a website then just create an app on Facebook by visiting . You have to create an instant article app. Instant article lets you to post your websites content for mobile. First you have to set up instant article. When instant article is configured then your audience can read website’s post on Facebook without redirecting to your site.