How to insert data into WordPress database ?

sql developer network connection could not be established

WordPress has its own database. Sometimes we have to insert data in a custom table. You can create a custom table in WordPress database and can insert data into WordPress database.  In this example I have used $wpdb function. Here is simple script to insert data into WordPress database custom …

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How to install and configure downloaded Laravel Project on localhost

Open command prompt go to project directory and update composer using this command : composer update . Rename .env.example file to .env Change database name, user name and password. Go to app/Providers/AppServiceProviders.php and add following code in boot function: Schema::defaultStringLength(191); Now migrate database using this command: php artisan migrate Run …

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SQL Insert if not exists Database Table SQL Query

Running PHP program using XAMPP

How to insert records into MySql database if record doesn’t exist Insert where not exists. Sometimes you have to insert new records in database but you do not want to insert if not exists. In different applications we have to do this. For example if you want to insert some data …

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2018 Best Puzzle Games Reviews

puzzle games

2018 Puzzle Games Reviews Puzzle games is booming in mobile gaming industry. The new technology like touchscreen enables user to control of puzzle elements, and short, sharp mental challenges are perfect for gaming on the go. From maths to abstract to ordinary puzzles to murder mysteries to analytical reasoning. Sometimes …

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How to Autopost to Facebook Pages From Your Website

facebook auto post

You can post on your Facebook pages automatically from your WordPress website. There are lot of plugins to auto post new and old posts to facebook pages. I recommend Revive Old Post plugin. Its free and easy to setup and manage. Follow the given steps: Install Revive Old Post Plugin …

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How To Install Laravel Framework on Your Computer

install laravel using xampp

Install Laravel 5 on Your Computer using XAMPP Laravel is an open source and free PHP framework. Laravel is intended to develop web applications using MVC pattern. Laravel is created by Taylor Otwell . Laravel is one of the most popular PHP framework as of March 2015. Other PHP frameworks are …

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