Introduction and Installing PHP on Local Host

Running PHP program using XAMPP

Introduction and Installing PHP PHP is the most popular server scripting language. It was created by Rasmus Lardof in 1994. Initially it was designed for web development but now it is also used for general purpose programming language. PHP initially stands for Personal Home Page now it is acronym for …

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How to install and configure oracle sql developer

sql developer network connection could not be established

SQL Developer is an application which is actually (user interface) UI. It does not not require installation. Just download the file from oracle website and configure it. Follow the given steps below. Step-1 First download oracle sql developer from oracle store visit . After downloading sql developer right click …

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How to Write Software Engineering Proposal

How to Write Software Project Proposal

Software Engineering Proposal Software engineering proposal is a document that a software developer submits before starting work. It consists of main idea, proposed method and pros and cons of proposed software. To design a software first software engineers collect requirements. Requirements are collected from clients and stakeholders. After collecting requirements …

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