5 Object Oriented Programming Languages You Must Learn

object oriented programming languages

What is Object Oriented Programming Language(OOP)? Object oriented programming languages are based on objects. But what is object? You already know about real life objects for example chair, pen, cat, dog and book. Real life objects have state and behavior. For example states of pen are its color and size.Behavior …

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How to Increase Your Computer Speed and Performance

Increase Your Computer Speed So you were looking for how to increase your computer speed. Your PC is too slow. You have bought expensive laptop but still you have speed issue. If this is your problem then you have come to right place. Follow given steps and improve your windows …

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Program To Find Prime Number in PHP

Prime Number in PHP

A Program To Find Prime Number in PHP A Prime Number is a whole number greater than 1 , which can only be divided by itself and 1. Some prime numbers are : 3, 5, 7, 11 ,13,17, 19 ,23, and 111. These numbers can only be divided by 1 …

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Urdu Script The First Urdu Programming Language

Urdu Script

Urdu language is widely spoken in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and many other countries in the world. Urdu and Hindi is third most commonly spoken language in the world after English and Mandarin Chinese. Urdu language is used in education, literature and course work in Pakistan and India. It is written …

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Make Money Online Ultimate Guide 20 Ways

make money online

Ways to Make Money Online Internet is not a luxury it is a necessity. It is a source of income and perhaps the most profitable source for many people in the world. If you want to know that how to make money online without paying anything or make money online without …

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How to Remove hi.ru Homepage from Firefox

remove hi.ru

Remove hi.ru Homepage Hijacker from Firefox If your browser is affected by hi.ru homepage and it made a headache for you then you must read this post carefully. You can permanantly remove hi.ru. Hi.ru is a russian website. Hi.ru hijacks your browser and redirect you to their website without your …

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PHP Variables and Data Types and Getting Output

PHP variables

PHP Variables In all programming languages variables are containers which store information or data. For example if you want to store a number you have to store it in a variable. If you are familiar with C or C++ language then In C++ variables are declared with data type before …

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What is an Algorithm in Programming Languages Examples

An algorithm is a set step by step instructions to solve a problem or program. A good algorithm always have a starting and ending point. In an algorithm inputs and outputs must be properly defined .  All steps in an algorithm must be clear. An algorithm can’t have syntax code. …

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How I got Google Adsense in Pakistan within 4 Days

Google Adsense in Pakistan

Get Google Adsense in Pakistan Getting Google Adsense in Pakistan is not easy now a days. It takes time and hard work for approval. Google’s policy for Asian countries including Pakistan, India and China is strict. If you want to make money online using Google Adsense then you need to …

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