How to Receive Payment from Google Adsense by Wire Transfer to Pakistan?

How to Receive Payment from Google Adsense by Wire Transfer to Pakistan?

September 13, 2017 3 By Abid

Receive Payment from Google Adsense by Wire Transfer to Pakistan

Google Adsense is one of the most popular advertising program to make money online. There are many payment methods to receive money from Google Adsense. There are many ways to receive payment from Adsense. You can select ant method. As Paypal is not accepted in Pakistan. So the easiest way to receive payment from Adsense is wire transfer in Pakistan. You can easily receive payment via wire transfer to Pakistan. A wire transfer is a method to transfer money from any where in the world from one person or company to another person or company. In case of Google it is company to person.

Wire transfer to Pakistan

Required Details for Wire Transfer in Pakistan

In last month I received Adsense payment in my HBL account, the charges are low and it is safest and secure method. I received it in my HBL account which is a normal PKR currency account. Google asked me my IBAN number, Swift code , branch address, my address and other details. You can convert your normal bank account to IBAN (International Banking Account Number ) HBL IBAN Converter.

For other banks you can search on Google to convert your account number to IBAN or just ask your branch.

How to receive money by wire transfer in Pakistan

If you are using HBL then its simple. After receiving payment notification from Google, wait 3-5 days. Go to HBL branch and asked them if they had received your wire or not. If your wire is received then you have to fill a form at your main branch, they will process further and it will be deposited in your account. Remember HBL will convert from any currency to PKR. In this case Dollar to Rupess. In case if you are far away from your main branch, let suppose you main branch is located in Gilgit and you are living in Islamabad then you can fill your form at HBL Civic Center branch Shaheed e Millat road Islamabad. In other cities you can ask your main branch. After filling form call your main branch and tell them that you have filled form at Islamabad civic center branch. They will send your wire to Islamabad. Within 2-3 business days your payment will be deposited in your account.

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