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How to Remove hi.ru Homepage from Firefox

Remove hi.ru Homepage Hijacker from Firefox

If your browser is affected by hi.ru homepage and it made a headache for you then you must read this post carefully. You can permanantly remove hi.ru. Hi.ru is a russian website. Hi.ru hijacks your browser and redirect you to their website without your consent. It replace your homepage with hi.ru as given in the picture below. This hijacker homepage is very difficult to remove.

remove hi.ru

Steps to Remove h.ru Homepage from Firefox

Step 1

The first step to remove hi.ru from Firefox browser is to remove it from browser. You can remove it from Firefox menu by clicking on Add-ons button. But it is not enough for this hijacker. It will still redirect you to their website when you open Firefox. To remove it completely from your browser you have to delete it from your system.

Step 2

To completely delete hi.ru browser hijacker from your browser, click start from your PC. Type run in search bar. Type regedit in Run Open search bar as shown on the screen shot below. It will open a list of folders in the registry.

Step 3

The next step is to find hi.ru in the registry. To find it easily type Ctrl+F from keyboard. It will open search button. Write hi.ru and click Find Next.  It will search hi.ru and will display on the screen on left side.

hi.ru homepage

Step 4

The next step is to remove it. To delete it completely from your system right click on hi.ru folder and delete it. It will be deleted from your system too.

hi.ru hijacker

Step 5

Even after deleting from registry hi.ru still appear on your browser. To completely remove hi.ru from your browser right click on Firefox tab on your desktop. Then click Shortcut. Delete http:hi.ru from Target. Now it is completely removed from your browser.

hi.ru remove from firefox

Step 6

The last step is to clean browser . For this type Ctrl+Shift+Delete on keyboard. This will prompt you to delete browser history. Select everything from time range and select Browser & Download history, cache and Cookies from the list. Now click on Clear Now. It will clear your browser. Restart your Firefox browser.

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