5 Killer SEO Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic in 2017

5 Killer SEO Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic in 2017

February 28, 2016 0 By Abid

Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

If you have a website or blog and you are not getting much visitors on your website then follow the given tips. You will find many tips on internet and may be you have tried those. Still you are not getting visitors then you must have missed something. I have tried these tips on my other blogs and got organic traffics. Here are 5 killer SEO tips to increase your website traffic in 2017.

#1: Pay Attention to Headlines 

When people search anything in search engines then the first thing that catches their eye is headlines. People will click on those links which get their attention. For example if I write “SEO Tips” then people will not click on this link. Rather people will click on those links which have these types of headings: 5 tips to improve your blog in 2017, 5 Killer SEO tips to increase your website traffic in 2017 , and 5 SEO trends to stay ahead your website in 2017. So you must pay attention on headings. It will boost your website traffic.

#2: Don’t Forget to Add Alt text in your Images

Search engines cannot fetch your image if they are missing Alt text. Search engines are great in reading text. When people search images then they search with image name. So if you have not used alt text then your image will not appear in search engines. If image is not shown in browser due to slow internet then alt text will appear on browser in place of image.

#3: Track User Search Terms

Track user search terms how they visited your website or blog. For example if you have a travel blog and visitors came to your blog with these search terms: places to visit in Canada, best hotels in Switzerland, and honeymoon destinations in Switzerland. Then you should write posts on these search terms. This will improve your website appearance in search engines.

#4: Be Informative 

People visit your website or blog to get some information, tips or help. So if you only focus on keywords and want to get visitors then visitors will not visit your website again. Give value to users what they want and what they are reading on your site. If they found your website or blog informative or helpful they will visit again and again. This will increase your blog traffic.

#5: Make your Website or Blog Mobile Friendly

Its 2017 and mobile internet has surpassed the desktop internet. Mobile internet is growing day by day. If you have not optimized your website or blog for mobile then you are missing the most important factor in 2017 which will affect your website.

Now try these tips on your blog or website and visit my blog again to get useful tips on SEO and blogging. If you find this post helpful then share it with your friends on social media by clicking the sharing button below. Comment below if you have any questions regarding this post.

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