How to Write Software Engineering Proposal

How to Write Software Engineering Proposal

January 21, 2016 0 By Abid

Software Engineering Proposal

Software engineering proposal is a document that you have to write before starting work on any software. Whether you want to make a new software or you are a software developer , you must know how to write a software proposal. It consists of main idea, proposed method pros and cons of proposed software. To develop a software first you have to collect requirements. Requirements are collected from clients and stakeholders. After collecting requirements software engineering proposal is written. The final product depends on the initial proposal. So you must know how to write a perfect software engineering proposal. Here is an example of software engineering proposal   “Online Home Rent System”.

Home Rent System

1. Introduction

Home Rent System is a system which eases tenants to find apartments, rooms and houses in a city. Tenants face difficulties to find an apartment for them in a new city, HRS will provide details of apartments, rooms and houses of all locations in a city. Property dealers and home owners can post their ads on website and tenants can search apartments by their choice and location. HRS will provide a great ease for both tenants and home owners.

2. Problem Definition

When a person comes to a new city he has to find a place to live, so he will contact property dealers or directly contact each home owner. As this process is difficult for tenants as they don’t know about the city and will face a lot of problem in finding a suitable home. Also if he found he will not get the facilities which he want. Similarly a home owner or property dealer wants to give on rent as soon as possible but tenants can’t contact him easily. So in order to facilitate both tenants and home owner we are going to build a system which will facilitate both.

3. Proposed System

Home Rent System will facilitate both tenants and home owners. We will build a dynamic website with database. Home owner can post ads and can store details of their home, location, facilities, number of rooms, rent and contact details. The data will be stored in database at backend. So tenants can search homes as per their requirements and locations.

     3.1. Objectives of Proposed System

  • To facilitate tenants for finding a suitable home according to his requirement and location
  • To facilitate home owners or property dealers to advertize their homes.
  • To enable fast and easy method of finding home for tenants.
  • To have automated data entry methods.

3.2. Pros and Cons of New System

The new system will provide better data management facilities. The tenants can easily find and hire their desired home in a short period of time without facing any difficulty. The high automated service will provide a platform for customers and property dealers, so they can make better deals.

The owner will have to invest a little for the computer components. And he will have to update the computer hardware and software, when needed. This may increase cost a little. Above all, the users at counter will need training to run the system.

4. Methodologies and Notation

In this project we will adopt the phase development methodology. Because we would like to develop important requirements as part of version 1 and similarly, all other requirements are added to later versions. As soon as the one version is completed, the work on next version starts. In this project we will implement the important requirements in version one. Then we will work on next version with time.

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5. Case Tools

  • HTML
  • Java script
  • Laravel PHP Framework for web development.
  • MySQL for database storage.
  • MS Word for documentation


  • Tenants
  • Property dealers and home owners
  • Homes, flats, rooms and apartments.


As we have identified problems, now we have to decompose the problems in order to prevent from system complexity .As we are building a website and database for this system. So first we will meet with stakeholders to collect requirements for website. After meeting we will make a team which will work on website. For database we will make another team of developers which first will collect requirements then design it.

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In this system the following modules will be used.

  • Add property
  • Rent, Buy
  • Find Properties
  • Locations

7. Conclusion

The system will help new tenants in a any city. The system will help property dealers to advertise their homes. The system will also provide easy data entry and access to data .Also it will provide the list of available apartments along with their details, prices and location.

This was a sample of software proposal writing. If you would like to hire a professional software proposal writer contact Abid and hire him on Fiverr.

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