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How to Autopost to Facebook Pages From Your Website

facebook auto post

You can post on your Facebook pages automatically from your WordPress website. There are lot of plugins to auto post new and old posts to facebook pages. I recommend Revive Old Post plugin. Its free and easy to setup and manage. Follow the given steps: Install Revive Old Post Plugin …

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5 Object Oriented Programming Languages You Must Learn

object oriented programming languages

What is Object Oriented Programming Language(OOP)? Object oriented programming languages are based on objects. But what is object? You already know about real life objects for example chair, pen, cat, dog and book. Real life objects have state and behavior. For example states of pen are its color and size.Behavior …

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How to Increase Your Computer Speed and Performance

Increase Your Computer Speed So you were looking for how to increase your computer speed. Your PC is too slow. You have bought expensive laptop but still you have speed issue. If this is your problem then you have come to right place. Follow given steps and improve your windows …

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Urdu Script The First Urdu Programming Language

Urdu Script

Urdu language is widely spoken in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and many other countries in the world. Urdu and Hindi is third most commonly spoken language in the world after English and Mandarin Chinese. Urdu language is used in education, literature and course work in Pakistan and India. It is written …

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