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Urdu Script The First Urdu Programming Language

Urdu language is widely spoken in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and many other countries in the world. Urdu and Hindi is third most commonly spoken language in the world after English and Mandarin Chinese. Urdu language is used in education, literature and course work in Pakistan and India. It is written in Nastaliq, Devanagari and Roman script.

Recently a young Pakistani Computer Scientist Asad Memon has developed Urdu Script a Roman Urdu Programming Language. Asad is the Co-Founder of a Silicon Valley-based startup Remote Interview. He is also the founder of StartupList.pk. Asad Memon is currently based in Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan.


Urdu Script is Roman Urdu dialect of popular programming language JavaScript. Asad chosen Roman Urdu because it is widely understood and being used by Urdu speakers informally. Urdu Script uses Urdu words to write codes. Urdu Script uses Urdu analogies and words. Roman Urdu is also an informal way of communication in Pakistan used to write emails, text messages and social media posts. Asad has intentionally used this informal script in order to make programming more interesting, inviting and appealing to people who are comfortable with Urdu. In Asad own words he did not choose pure Urdu Nastalqi font, ”

As much as I wanted to. Here are few reasons:

  • Persian-like alphabets are not native to our keyboard.
  • The default non-nastaliq font is hard to read.
  • Right-to-left code style is horrible.
  • Newer generation is adapting Urdish rapidly.

Urdu Script

Urdu Script is not a separate programming language. In fact it is Urduish flavor of JavaScript.  For example to declare a variable we write,  var x=”Asad”;  in JavaScript.  In UrduScript variables are declared by using Roman Urdu Words like : rakho naam= “Asad”; Similarly if else becomes ager warna. The language is developed by translating and renaming JavaScript English syntax in Urdu. When you writes in UrduScript it first transpile into JavaScript. When you write code in UrduScript and hit ‘Run’ then the code will be first transformed into JavaScript then it will show output.

Urdu Script

UrduScript would serve its purpose in teaching programming concepts to children or beginners. Because it is easy to understand. It uses Urdu syntax and words which is easy to learn.If you want to read more about it then check it on Asad’s own website Asad Memon Urdu Script Editor  Urdu Script is still in development phase you can contribute in on GitHub.

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